We help investigative reporters across the globe to follow the money using secure technology and data alchemy.


The OCCRP believes that investigative reporting needs to be collaborative and open. That's why, when if comes to the digital tools we rely on, we've made a large bet on the development of free and open source software.

Some of our current projects include:

Some thanks

Of course, we stand on the shoulders of giants: the uncounted free software projects that help us keep our reporters safe and well-informed every day. Our special thanks go to:

  • Signal secure messenger and Open Whisper Systems.
  • GnuPG email encryption and its (few) maintainers.
  • VeraCrypt secures our data at rest.

And on the server side:

  • NextCloud for document storage and synchronisation.
  • RedHat KeyCloak a secure single sign-on service.
  • Docker for containerised applications.