We help investigative reporters across the globe to follow the money using secure technology and data alchemy.

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At the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), technology is used to enable investigative reporters from Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America to hold power to account. We provide tools and advice to find investigative leads in large amounts of data, secure networked collaborations and to tell stories on the web.

Data Team

The data team handles the acquisition, processing, and analysis of relevant data for OCCRP. It also operates the Investigative Dashboard.

Security and Operations Team

The IT team handles the operation of our servers, services, web presence and the security practices used by our reporters in the field.

Please also refer to the page on responsible disclosure if you have discovered a security issue with our services. Free T-Shirts!

  • Team: security@occrp.org (GPG: 8AA2 D5B4 A0B5 B3DA E547 238C 5237 8B24 FB18 D161).
  • Team Lead: Michał 'rysiek' Woźniak, rysiek@occrp.org (GPG: 1DF0 7B79 CE63 C020 A20D E856 BD4B 7E32 C45D 7521)

Working with us

We are constantly looking to extend our team with capable technologists with a passion for investigative reporting. Formal vacancies are advertised on the OCCRP home page, but please feel free to ping us independently from those.