We help investigative reporters across the globe to follow the money using secure technology and data alchemy.


We want to understand how technology can help reporters to follow the money. Data crawling, integration and analysis can lead us to investigative results that no human can find. Digital security is needed for those who work in countries where the rule of law has been attacked by organized crime.

That's why we're want to work with data and security experts who want to make a difference.


Here's some concrete problems we need help with. If any of them sound interesting to you, send us a message.

  • Extracting addresses from written text. Addresses are extremely useful data points for investigations, but often they are mentioned in unstructured text documents. The ability to extract address candidates from such text would allow for easier cross-referencing of data. See also: libpostal.

  • Reverse-engineering the binary format of Cronos databases. These are used for government databases in CIS countries, but there is no good tooling for programmatically extracting tables from them. We've got a partial parser for CronosPlus, but it fails to parse more recently-generated CronosPRO files. We also need an option for password recovery. Test data can be provided.

  • Work with YesWeHack to penetration-test our services. We work with this french group to vet our web-facing services for security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Sign up on their BountyFactory to learn about open challenges at OCCRP.