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First Post

Around this time a year ago, OCCRP's Tech Team consisted of a single webmaster in Travnik and a few loyal friends who would be called upon to assist when new challenges arose. Since then, we've expanded to an excellent group of people, sitting mostly in Sarajevo and doing some pretty amazing things. This new blog is to tell you of our adventures.

We are working with a lot of different technologies, managing some legacy systems, building new software and making sense of a lot of structure. The core aim of all of our activities is simple: shorten the time to journalism (TTJ).

In practice, this means a lot of stuff, from the simple-looking task of making sure it's possible to publish stories, with whatever visuals and interactives are needed, to serving tools for sharing and collaboration between journalists, to constructing gadgets that allow journalists to work more effectively, and designing and building new systems that allow journalists to work better with large volumes of data.

On this blog we'll try to go a bit deeper into the thoughts of what we're doing and why, explaining our thought processes and announcing exciting progressions.

But first, some resources:

That's all for now. Watch this space!